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National Honor Society Membership


Becoming a member:  

Candidates become members when inducted in the fall semester. The Starkville Academy National Honor Society shall induct once a year. A National Honor Society member who transfers from another school and brings a letter from the former principal or chapter adviser to the SA chapter adviser may be accepted automatically as a member. Transfer members must meet the SA chapter’s standards within one semester.  

All students in 10-12 are eligible for membership. The sponsor will check the permanent cumulative records of all students to determine eligibility. Candidates must have a cumulative average of 94. A letter will be sent to the students, during the fall before induction if they qualify for membership. 

Maintaining membership: 

At the end of each semester, the chapter adviser will check members’ grades. If a member does not maintain grades of 94 overall, he/she will receive a letter of probation notification. If the member meets the cumulative 94 average and has an overall 94semester average in the next semester, probation is ended. If not, membership will be terminated and the student notified by letter. A person disqualified in this manner is never again eligible for membership. 

A senior placed on probation at the end of the first semester must bring grades into compliance by the end of the second semester or he/she will not be a NHS graduate. A senior who is in good standing at the end of the first semester, but is on probation at the end of the second semester, will be recognized as a NHS graduate. A senior must have been inducted at the beginning of the senior year and maintain eligibility to be recognized as a NHS graduate (i.e., wear a NHS gold tassel at graduation, and receive the NHS seal on his/her diploma). 

Any member who does not meet the academic requirements after a probationary period of one semester will be dismissed from the membership. A person disqualified in this manner is never again eligible for membership. Any member who is in violation of school rules, including cheating, or receives a school suspension will be sent a letter informing them that they must appear for a hearing before the Faculty Council. If dismissal is determined, the member disqualified will be notified in a letter. A person disqualified in this manner is never again eligible for membership. A majority vote of the Faculty Council is required for a member to be dismissed for any violation of school rules. Members that are dismissed may appeal their dismissal with the principal. 

Meetings will be called when necessary by the chapter adviser or the President. Members are expected to attend all meetings. A member who misses three meetings per year without excuse will be dropped from membership. The member will be informed after two unexcused absences by letter from the chapter adviser.  

Members will pay membership dues each year. Dues for standing members will be $10. Members inducted will pay dues of $25.  

The chapter adviser and officers will sponsor at least two service projects or fundraisers each year. Members are required to participate in the projects in some form. The chapter also encourages individual projects for the members.