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Community & Volunteer Service



Community Service Requirements & Information

  • 50 total hours of volunteer service between grades 10-12 required for Class of 2023 and beyond
  • At least 10 hours must be performed each year (June-May)
  • No limit on the number of hours performed over the summer, but at least 6 hours must come during the school year each year (August-May)
  • Students who participate in group service events during the summer (church mission trips, etc.) will be credited with a maximum of 5 hours of service per event; there is no limit on the number of trips a student can take
  • Service performed for members of a student’s family or extended family or for other persons with whom the student has a close personal connection will not be counted towards meeting the service hours requirement
  • Students who accumulate 100 or more hours between grades 10-12 will be awarded a cord of service distinction at graduation

Documentation forms for service are available on the school website and need to be completed by the student with non-family members signing off. Completed forms can be dropped in the folder next to Mrs. Hubbard’s door. All hours will be entered in FACTS and will display on the transcript as the system updates.

Student Volunteer Service Form