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About SAPA

Starkville Academy Patrons Association acts as the Starkville Academy parent-teacher organization.  SAPA conducts various projects throughout the school year to fund the “extras” that benefit the education of Starkville Academy’s students.  We also strive to support our teachers and faculty throughout the year. We fundraise in order to give funds directly back to the school. Our goal is to enrich our student’s education through advancements in teaching methods and technology.  We want our teachers to know they are appreciated and supported.

SAPA’s yearly projects include Grandparent’s Day, Field Day, AR parties, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Uniform Swap.  There are opportunities for all patrons to get involved in SAPA.  We need everyone’s help!

SAPA promotes its membership drive at the end of each spring semester and the beginning of each fall semester. SAPA membership dues are $20 per family with 100% of the funds used to benefit Starkville Academy.


SAPA Family Business & Professional Information

Please click this link to participate in our SA Family business and professional directory. We are hopeful this will serve as a valuable resource to our SAPA members. We want to know which businesses are owned or operated by fellow Volunteer families. We would also like to partner students with professionals around town. We need everyone to participate to make this a success. Click here to give us your professional information. This directory will be made public to all SAPA members in the next few weeks.

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