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Visual Arts


The Visual Arts Department at Starkville Academy provides students with a progressive curriculum in which high standards are set and critical and creative thinking are stressed.  By involving the students intellectually, personally, and emotionally, the knowledge of the content learned assists students in developing life skills.  The core integration at each level is prediction, problem solving, aesthetics, art history and criticism. Whether our graduates become creators, performers, or consumers of the arts, the Visual Arts Department seeks to provide the finest preparation in the arts that can be achieved at this educational level.


Student Work

Starkville Academy Gallery on Artsonia (coming soon)



Artsonia is the largest student art museum in the world! Starkville Academy’s online art gallery preserves our students’ masterpieces for all time and a portion of the proceeds of the sales benefit our art department.

Art Shows by Artome’
Artome’ partners with our art faculty to organize a school-wide art show where the artwork of each child is celebrated and displayed. Art shows allow students to display their artistic creations in a professional, gallery-style format that stimulates imagination, strengthens creative thinking, builds self-esteem and creates a fabulous social experience for families and their school. Students are thrilled to see their artwork framed and on display for parents and friends to view.


  • MAIS-EA Art Competition
  • Cotton District Arts Festival Student Art Competition
  • Scholastic Art & Writing Awards


Eliza Miller, Elementary Art Teacher

Sheila Thead, Secondary Art Teacher