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The purpose of the Volunteer Band program is to ensure that all students receive the highest level of music education available. Students will become proficient on one or more instruments and will be provided with performance opportunities individually as well as in small and large band ensembles. Students will also become knowledgeable in basic music theory and music history. Participation in the band program will instill in the students a clear understanding of music’s important role in the enrichment of the human spirit as well as its contribution to national and international culture.

The goal we wish to achieve with the Volunteer Band is to create musically literate students who will carry the lessons learned in school throughout their lives, blessing others with the gift of music. As a part of the musical experience, students will also learn leadership and team-building skills and increase their overall intelligence in areas both in and outside of the arts. Many of our graduates participate in University and College Bands across the state and further their education and contribute positively to the game day experience as well as concert programs. The Voluteer Band is both competitive and respected on a state and regional level for it’s high performance standards and unique ability to exhilarate any audience, any place, any time.

The band is led under the direction of Haley Harper.