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Tuition & Fees



Registration Fee

Registration fees are assessed per family, and they are non-refundable.
Current Patrons During Priority Registration: $220
Current Patrons After Priority Registration: $420
New Families: $500

New Alumni Families: $200


Tuition (2020-2021)

Prekindergarten: $5,757
Kindergarten: $5,949
Grades 1-6: $6,081
Grades 7-12: $6,177


Building Fee & Instructional Fee

Building Fee (per student): $275
Instructional Fee (per student): $100


Payment Options

Twelve monthly Bank Drafts: June – May (either on the 5th or 18th of each month)
Ten monthly Bank Drafts: August – May (either on the 5th or 18th of each month)
Two equal semi-annual payments: August 15th and January 15th (by semester)
One payment for the entire annual amount: Due no later than August 15th



Family Discounts for Patrons:

Three Children: 10%
Four or More Children: 15%


Flexible Tuition Program:

Click here for information on our Flexible Tuition Program.


Paying Tuition in Full

Patrons who pay tuition/fees in full and prior to the first day of school will be eligible for a special drawing of the following prizes:

  • Credit for 1 book fee ($100 value)
  • Credit for 1 building fee ($275 value)
  • 1 free athletic pass ($110 value)
  • 1 free yearbook ($65 value)


Additional Fees

Additional fees for specific classes such as labs, driver’s ed., computer, classroom fees, among others will be paid separately at the beginning of school (NOT WITH TUITION).

Textbooks will be issued to students at the beginning of the school year.  A fine will be assessed for any abuse, such as writing in the books, and charged to the student at the end of the year.  If a student loses a book, he/she must pay full replacement cost for it.  If a lost book is found, a refund will be given based on the condition of the book.  Books left in the corridors, gym, cafeteria, or other areas will be picked up and students will be assessed a fine for their return.