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Secondary (7-12)


Starkville Academy offers a full range of courses for 9th – 12th grade students designed to meet college admissions standards and requirements. Honors level courses may be taken in the disciplines of English Mathematics, and Science. Six Advanced Placement (AP) classes and five dual credit classes are offered to juniors and seniors. Students may earn up to 15 hours of college credit through the Mississippi University for Women (MUW) in the dual credit courses taught on campus at SA by master's degree level teachers. These dual credit courses include: College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, English Composition I and II. 

The Junior High, grades seven and eight, provides a traditional period for academic and social growth. Eighth grade students may begin earning Carnegie units for graduation by taking Pre-Algebra or Algebra I, Spanish I, and Computer Applications, and also by taking credit-earning high school classes of equal rigor (upon displaying proficiency in the particular subject to qualify for the class).



The following grading scale is used at Starkville Academy for grades 7 – 12:
  1. A = 100-90
  2. B = 89-80
  3. C = 79-70
  4. F = Below 70



The secondary school band consists of students in grades seven through twelve. The band program focuses on marching performances for most of the first semester and concert performances throughout the remainder of the school year. The band has consistently received superior ratings at the MAIS marching and concert competitions.

Starkville Academy has an exceptional heritage in the performing arts. The school has long been recognized for its annual spring production. Additionally, SA now participates in a fall drama competition at Mississippi State University.

Choral Music:
The secondary school music program provides an opportunity for students in grades seven through twelve to discover, develop, realize and express their musical talents. Starkville Academy believes in the power of music to unlock creative potential, and is committed to enabling students to realize the lifelong satisfaction music will bring to them.

Student Honorary Society and Student Organizations:
National Honor Society, Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 4-H Club, Quiz Bowl, and Anchor Club.

Starkville Academy has a rich tradition of excellence throughout its athletic program. Sports that are offered to students in grades seven through twelve include: baseball, basketball (boys and girls), cheerleading, cross country (boys and girls), dance, football, golf (boys and girls), soccer (boys and girls), softball, swimming (boys and girls), tennis (boys and girls), and track (boys and girls).


2019-2020 Supply Lists

Seventh Grade

Math 7/Pre-Algebra - Mrs. Hammett

  • 3-Ring Math Binder with Loose Leaf College Rule Notebook Paper and Graph Paper (To be replenished throughout the year.)
  • 5-Subject College Ruled Spiral Notebook (For Math Notes, Examples, and Pintables)
  • Calculator– Texas Instruments TI-30X iis Scientific Calculator, 10-Digit LCD (Should be between $9-$15)
  • Pencils
  • Girls-Kleenex Box and roll of paper towels
  • Pack of Black Expo Markers
  • Boys– Clorox or Lysol Wipes

Science – Mrs. Wall

  • 3-Ring Science Binder with Loose Leaf College Rule Notebook Paper (To be replenished throughout the year.)
  • Graph Composition Notebook
  • Pencils and Pens

History- Mrs. Ray

  • 3-Ring Science Binder with Loose Leaf College Rule Notebook Paper (To be replenished throughout the year.)
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Bag of individually wrapped candy
  • Girls-Kleenex Box
  • Boys– Clorox or Lysol Wipes

English 7 and 8 - Mrs. Logeston

  • 5 subject notebooks with perforated pages and folder pockets.
  • blue or black pens.
  • highlighter
  • journal for writing (standard size preferred (usually cost $1.00)
  • pocket folder
  • note cards