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Strategic Plan




Since our founding in 1969, Starkville Academy has offered superior academic programs enriched by diverse extracurric- ular opportunities and a strong focus on the community in which we serve. The board of directors and administration of the school recognized that prolonged success in fulfilling this mission requires continuous and thoughtful planning. This document is an overview of over ninety specific strategic initiatives that are a result of our most recent planning effort, and it reflects our belief that a dynamic educational institution must remain true to its core values while responsive to ever-changing needs, influences, and opportunities.

In the spring of 2014, the board of directors contracted with consultant Tom Johnson to serve as an advisor in crafting the school’s next five-year strategic plan. Mr. Johnson has previously served in a number of administrative and leadership capacities at independent schools throughout the Southeast. As a part of this process, Mr. Johnson hosted numerous listening sessions where faculty, staff, patrons, alumni, and community leaders were asked to provide input related to the future of Starkville Academy. This information was then assimilated by Mr. Johnson and reviewed by the board of directors to generate a working document for the next five years. These specific written objectives are both measurable and obtainable; however, as with any strategic plan, there will be objectives that we reach within this allotted time frame, objectives that roll over to the next five-year plan, and objectives that, for whatever reason, will be otherwise unattainable at the end of this strategic plan. A written copy of the complete Starkville Academy Strategic Plan 2015-2020 document is available upon request from the head of school.


Academic Excellence

STRATEGIC GOAL: Maximize opportunities to increase academic achievement and strengthen vertical and horizontal curricular integration and alignment

  • Accreditation: Maintain SACS, NAIS, and MAIS Accreditation
  • ACTScores:ContinuetheACTPrepCourseduringtheacademic year and develop a summer ACT Prep Course with a goal of raising the average ACT score for the senior class by 2.0 points by 2018
  • CollegePreparation:Formalizeasystematiccurriculumreview focused on college preparation, advanced placement, and dual enrollment courses
  • Faculty: Consistently recruit, retain, mentor, and develop an excellent faculty
  • Fine Arts: Provide opportunities for increased student participation in all aspects of a Fine Arts Program on and off campus
  • Foreign Languages: Examine alternatives for introducing foreign languages to students before high school
  • STEM: Continue the strategic innovation in STEM education and technology with the establishment of appropriate applications for each grade level
  • Technology:Enhancetheinfrastructureandpedagogicaluseof information technology


Student Enrichment

STRATEGIC GOAL: Develop programs that will provide strategies and opportunities to support student academic, athletic, and leadership opportunities needed to achieve success; college and career readiness; and social, athletic, and emotional development

  • Athletics: Continue to develop and improve athletic programs that are competitive and encourage teamwork, sportsmanship, and hard work
  • Community Service: Consider implementing a senior class service- learning project
  • Ethics: Implement a character education support system specific to each grade
  • Honor Code: Establish an honor code and honor council
  • Leadership: Increase leadership opportunities for students through student clubs and student ambassador programs
  • Recognition: Review and enhance awards programs for both academics and athletics
  • Support: Provide adequate support regarding funding, personnel, and equipment for athletic and academic teams, clubs, and organizations


Community Development

STRATEGIC GOAL: Communicate operational policies and strategic plans to all patrons to underscore institutional viability, academic & programmatic distinction, and a coherent sense of community

  • Alumni Development: Organize an Annual Alumni Weekend and recognize distinguished alumni
  • Annual Giving: Develop and implement strategy to increase Annual Giving to support Starkville Academy
  • Development: Create a comprehensive development plan to reinforce and expand partnerships/relationships among constituents and within the community
  • Policy: Revise the content, format, and delivery of the policies and procedures, including student and faculty handbooks
  • Print Media: Create a high-quality public relations and academic profile document
  • Social Media: Develop policies to use social media to enhance patron/student communication
  • Website: Review and enhance Starkville Academy’s web presence


Governance & Leadership

STRATEGIC GOAL: Operate in a fiscally responsible manner and manage expectations through improved communication and trust

  • Balance: Maintain a balanced budget that provides for steady improvement while remaining fiscally sound
  • Facilities: Review and maintain a multi-year financial plan focused on facility renovation and enhancement
  • Innovate:Evaluatealternativefinancialmodelsregardingschool revenues and expenses
  • Master Plan: Develop and follow a master plan for campus growth and aesthetics
  • Safeguard: Continue to ensure that adequate controls are in place to protect and enhance the financial stability of the school
  • Strategy: Monitor the progress toward the implementation of the strategic plan
  • Training:EstablishanannualSummerBoardWorkshopforall board members and the administrative leadership team