Click here to download the 2017 Tennis Schedule.

Congratulations to the following students for making the 2017 SA Tennis Team:

  • Sarah Morgan Pellum
  • Mary Elliot Winfield
  • Aubrey Claire Armstrong
  • Mallory Barber
  • Rush Brown
  • Case Hubbard
  • Garner Montgomery
  • Lake Little
  • Nathan Pollan
  • Emory Stevens
  • Meri Laci Archer
  • Grayson Armstrong
  • Spencer Markham
  • Jack Wiggins
  • Rives Clark
  • Claire Farmer
  • Carter Long
  • Tyler Highfield
  • Lily Holliday
  • Sarah Elizabeth Montgomery
  • Graham Stevens

If your name was not on the list, please join us in the recreational team where we will improve our skills for next year. We will start in November.

Recreational Tennis Club

Recreational tennis is for anyone in grades 7 – 12 who would like to play tennis. Whether you aspire to play on a team or just want to know how to play. This will help you with whatever your goals are. We will meet once a month and do some drills and play some matches. (We might possibly play more once we get going.) The team will help design and vote on our T-shirt choice.

Contact Info

Mrs. Robin Holliday, Coach

You may e-mail me by clicking here.