Daily Bulletin for Thursday, May 18

Juniors not taking exams need to be prepared to turn in their Surface Pros on Thursday, May 18 during first break. Juniors needing to keep their Surface Pros for exams may keep them and should return them to Mr. Knippers immediately upon completion of their last exam. All items that were issued with the Surface Pro should be returned in full working order or students will be charged accordingly: Stylus- $55.00; Type Cover- $95.00; Protective Case- $50.00; Power Supply- $35.00. If the computer itself is not returned there will be a charge of $1055.59. All fees must be paid before report cards are issued.


Monday, May 22        1st period:   8:00-10:00
Break:  10:00-10:20
2nd period:  10:30-12:30

Tuesday, May 23        3rd period:  8:00-10:00
Break:  10:00-10:20
4th period:  10:30-12:30

Wednesday, May 24   5th period:  8:00-10:00
Break:  10:00-10:20
6th period:  10:30-12:30

Thursday, May 25       7th period:  8:00-10:00

No snacks will be sold in the cafeteria during breaks.  You may bring your own snack.

Students must stay in the testing room for at least an hour.  Students with a signed early release form may leave campus after their last exam for the day.  Forms will be given to students in homeroom.